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Need to wholesale high-quality connecting links & swivels at a low cost? SichWireRope is a top rigging hardware manufacturer in China for over 40 years. We supply double eye swivel rings, chain coupling links, and chain shortening clutches. You can also contact us for OEM / ODM at any time.

JF Brand double eye swivel rings - connecting links
Double Eye Swivel Rings
JF Brand chain coupling links
Coupling Link
chain shortening clutch
Chain Shortening Clutch

>> Double Eye Swivel Rings - Carbon Steel

JF Brand double eye swivel rings - connecting links

Fabrication time: 1-3 days

Looking for a professional supplier of wholesale swivel rings? The SichWireRope is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of rigging hardware in China, offering low-price but high-quality double eye swivel rings. They are a type of ring that is used to connect two objects together. 

If you have any questions about these eye & eye swivel rings
, feel free to contact our team at any time.

>> Chain Coupling Link - Grade 80

JF Brand chain coupling links

Fabrication time: 1-3 days

Do you want to find a truthful China connecting links manufacturer? This grade 80 chain coupling link is a connecting rod or coupling used to join two shafts together. This can be done by means of a universal joint, flexible coupling, or rigid coupling.

If you have any questions about these chain soupling links, feel free to contact our team at any time.

>> Chain Shortening Clutch - Grade 80

chain shortening clutch

Fabrication time: 1-3 days

The JF Brand shortening clutch is a type of mechanical device that is used to connect two pieces of equipment or material together. It works by using a clevis pin to secure the connection and can be released by pulling on a release lever. This type of device is often used in situations where a quick release is needed, such as in emergency situations.

If you have any questions about this chain shortening clutch, any time.

Types of Swivels & Connecting Links

In our rigging hardware manufacturer for 40 years in China, we produce various types of swivels and connecting links, including double eye swivel rings, chain coupling links, and chain shortening clutches. Each type has its own unique set of features and benefits that make it ideal for different types of applications.:

Double eye swivel rings: They are made from carbon steel, and they feature two eyes that allow them to be attached to a variety of different objects. They are often used in applications where a high degree of movement is required, such as in industrial machinery.

Chain coupling links: They are similar to double eye swivel rings in that they have two eyes for attachment, but they also have a coupling link in the middle that allows them to be connected to a chain. They are often used in applications where a high degree of strength is required, such as in heavy-duty machinery.

Chain shortening clutch: They are a type of swivel that features a mechanism that allows the length of the chain to be adjusted. This is ideal for applications where the length of the chain needs to be changed frequently, such as in conveyor belt systems. They are typically made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

If you want to choose the right links for your project, you can contact us and our experts will help you.

How to Use a Chain Shortening Clutch?

If you’re looking for a way to shorten your grade 80 chain, then the JF Brand chain shortening clutch is the perfect tool for the job. Here’s how to use one:

  1. First, determine how much chain you need to remove. You can do this by measuring the difference between the old and new chain lengths.
  2. Next, thread the chain shortening clutch onto the end of the chain that you will be removing.
  3. Then, using a pair of pliers, grip the chain shortening clutch tightly and twist it in a clockwise direction until it is tight against the side of the link. Make sure that you do not over-tighten the chain shortening clutch, as this could damage the link.
  4. Finally, cut off the excess chain using a pair of bolt cutters, and then dispose of it safely.

And that’s all there is to it! Using the JF Brand chain shortening clutch is a quick and easy way to shorten your chain.

Why Choose the SichWirerope Connecting Links & Swivel Manufacturer?

rigging hardware manufacturer

√ Extensive Experience

Our factory has 40 years of experience, with various types of rigging hardware & end fitting, exported to over 60 countries & areas in Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc.


√ Top Quality & Safety

We are able to ensure that your product will be in compliance with all required safety standards: EN, AS, and GB. Our testing center is accredited by major international organizations like CCS, DNV, CE, GS.

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√ Mass Production

We have our own manufacturing center and the largest production machinery in the world. You can really get your rigging hardware with our mass production services and supplies.


√ Excellent R&D Team

We have a resourceful and creative R&D team, including more than 200 highly specialized technicians, with an extremely strong capacity for product design and manufacturing innovation, ensuring that we continue to maintain our leading position in the market.


√ Customization & Solutions

We have the world's most advanced equipment to produce regular and special size rigging and accessories, and we can provide third party inspection services such as CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, etc. and issue relevant certificates.

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√ Technical Support Services

As a rigging manufacturer, we are committed to integrating production and research into one. With our expertise in the field, we can help you provide professonal training for your workers. We are always ready to offer technical support and consulting services on product usage too!


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Marine Engineering

Salvage operations

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Ports & Container Terminals

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Power Plant Projects

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Global Contract Suppliers

> SichWirerope manufacturer the JF Brand rigging and accessories have been exported to more than 60 countries and districts such as Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East in the past 40 years.

> Our brand the JF Brand attends the exhibition every year, such as the USA (Houston) International Petroleum Exhibition (OTC), and Guangzhou International Exhibition in China. So, we have signed contracts with various customers from different countries.

JF Brand rigging hardware exhibition


> The JF Brand rigging and accessories applicable standards: EN, CE, JIS, BSI, GB, DIN, NF, ANSI, ISO.

> We have got a CCS type certificate, DNV type certificate, CE certificate, GS certificate, CNAS national laboratory accreditation

> Supply CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, and other third-party testing services, issue certificates, and have many invention patents.

JF Brand rigging manufacturer certificates
JF Brand rigging supplier certificates


UKDylan, Importer
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Rigging and accessories are a great way to quickly and easily attach equipment for simple tasks. I found many different models from SichWirerope manufacturer, but my favorite was the regular style because it's easy-to use! When selecting what type of sling you want in order make sure that its right fit with your project needs - they have specialists who can help do this too if needed--and they're all very nice people at these factories.
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JF Brand rigging manufacturer:
1. Certified quality - provides CCS, DNV, BV verification service
2. Durable and reliable riggings - perfect for heavy duty use
3. Fast delivery and easy ordering process
4. Wide range of products to choose from
AustraliaLuke, Distributor
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After doing a lot of research on Alibaba, I found that the quality rigging factories were not up to par. But then one day while browsing through SichWirerope factory's products all their products are inspected and certified. And the verification test certificate of rigging and accessories provided along with my order it put me very much at ease!
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SichWirerope factory has been a lifesaver! They offer related products and accessories in addition to their custom steel cable slings, so I no longer need search for other suppliers. This saves me hours every day on paperwork or making phone calls with manufacturers looking haven’t found what we want either way--saving our time as well!