| 6xK36 Wire Rope

6xK36WS wire rope is a type of wire rope that consists of 6 strands each made up of 36 wires (totaling 216 wires). The letters “K” and “WS” stand for “Kontakt” and “Warrington-Seale” respectively, which refer to the specific types of wire construction used in the rope. If you want to buy this type of wire rope, pls feel free to contact us for an offer sheet.

>> 6xK36 Wire Rope

6xK36 wire rope

6xK36WS wire rope cross-section

  • Surface treatment:

Ungalvanized, Galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized

  • Diameter: 


  • Tensile strength:

1570, 1670, 1770, 1870, 1960, 2160N/MM2, IPS, EIPS, EEIPS

  • Length:

300m/Reel, 500m/Reel, 1000m/Reel, 2000m/Reel, or customer requirement

  • Packing:

Wooden reel, plastic reel,  steel reel, canton box, wooden box

  • MOQ:

1000 Meters

6xK36 wire ropes


  1. Abrasion resistance performance.
  2. High breaking force.
  3. Fatigue-resistant performance.
  4. Improved support of outer strands in service.
  5. Improved ton-mile performance


  • Hoisting rope for vertical shafts, rotary drilling rig, excavating machinery, ship crane etc.

The 6xK36 wire rope is known for its high strength, resistance to abrasion and bending, and flexibility. It is commonly used in lifting and hoisting applications such as cranes and elevators, as well as for anchoring and towing in marine environments.

SICHwirerope as a wire rope manufacturer, specializes in the production of 6xK36 wire ropes, offering top-quality products that meet the highest standards of design and performance. It is particularly versatile and strong, making it ideal for many applications. 

In the following, we will mainly introduce our brand (SICH) the following wire rope:

* 6xK36WS-IWRC Wire Rope

The 6xK36WS-IWRC Wire Rope features an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) in the center of the rope. This enhances the strength and load capacity of the wire rope. The 6xK36WS-IWRC Wire Rope is commonly used in lifting, hoisting, and towing applications that require a high degree of strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion. This type of wire rope is also used in marine and offshore applications, as it provides excellent corrosion resistance and performs well in harsh environments.

6xK36WS-IWRC wire rope

The 6xK36WS-IWRC Wire Rope is a high-performance wire rope that offers excellent strength, flexibility, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for a wide range of lifting, hoisting, and towing applications.

* 6xK36 Galvanized Wire Rope

The 6xK36 Galvanized Wire Rope is a type of wire rope with six outer strands of 36 wires each, totaling to 216 wires. It is known for its high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion because of its galvanized coating. The steel wire rope is coated with a layer of zinc through the process of galvanization, which provides extra protection against corrosion and rust. Galvanization involves coating the wire rope with molten zinc, which creates an added layer of protection, making it suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

6xK36 galvanized wire rope

* 6xK36 Ungalvanized Wire Rope

The 6xK36 Ungalvanized Wire Rope, as the name suggests, the wire rope is not coated or treated with any form of galvanization to prevent corrosion. Instead, it is left bare and untreated. The 6xK36 Ungalvanized Wire Rope is known for its high strength, flexibility, and excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

6xK36 UNgalvanized wire rope

In summary, the 6xK36 Ungalvanized Wire Rope is a cost-effective and durable wire rope solution that offers high strength, excellent flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, making it suitable for various lifting, hoisting, and towing applications. If you want to purchase this type of wire rope, pls feel free to contact us.

* 6xK36 Wire Rope Specifications & Weight Chart - IWRC & FC

Standard: GB/T 8918, EN 12385

6xK36 wire rope specifications

Allowable diameter deviation: +0% ~ +5%

* Difference between 6xK36 Wire Rope and 6x36 Wire Rope

The main difference between the 6xK36 wire rope and the 6×36 wire rope lies in their construction and characteristics.

The 6xK36 wire rope is a type of wire rope with six outer strands, each made up of 36 wires of different diameters. The “K” stands for “Kontakt” and refers to the fact that the ropes between the outer strands are in contact with each other. This design provides the wire rope with excellent flexibility, high breaking strength, and good resistance to abrasion and wear. The 6xK36 wire rope is ideal for applications that require frequent bending or flexing, such as winches, cranes, or elevators, and in marine environments.

On the other hand, the 6×36 wire rope also has six outer strands, but each is made up of the same size of wires and does not have a “Kontakt” design. Because of this, the 6×36 wire rope has a more rigid structure than the 6xK36 wire rope, which makes it less flexible but more resistant to crushing or flattening under high loads. Therefore, it is best suited for applications that involve straight lifting or hoisting, such as anchor chains, hoists, and overhead cranes.

In summary, the 6xK36 wire rope is preferred when flexibility and resistance to abrasion are important, while the 6×36 wire rope is better suited for applications that require greater crushing resistance and less flexibility. If you want to buy 6×36 wire ropes, pls see here.

* Packing & Delivery

wire rope packaging & delivery

As a China wire rope manufacturer, we know that packing and delivery are essential and important. We take great care to ensure that all of our wire ropes are properly packaged for delivery so that they arrive in perfect condition.

Our packing processes prioritize safety and quality control, aiming to prevent any possible damage to our products during transport. We use specialized wooden or steel reels with special materials from the environmental conditions commonly encountered during delivery.

Our delivery services are reliable and efficient, and we use experienced partners to provide international and domestic transportation. Thanks to these safe and dependable transportation methods, you can trust that your order of wire ropes from our Sich wire rope manufacturer will arrive on time and in the best condition.


What is the load capacity of the 6xK36 wire rope?

- The load capacity of the 6xK36 wire rope will depend on a variety of factors such as the diameter of the wire, the number of strands, and the length of the rope. The breaking strength of the wire rope is the total load required to break the wire. It is crucial to determine the load capacity of the wire rope based on the application's requirements to ensure safety and efficiency.

Is the 6xK36 wire rope suitable for marine environments?

- Yes, the 6xK36 wire rope's high resistance to abrasion, wear, and corrosion makes it ideal for use in marine environments. The wire rope's galvanized coating protects it from corrosion caused by saltwater exposure, making it suitable for offshore applications.

What is the lifespan of the 6xK36 wire rope?

- The lifespan of the 6xK36 wire rope will depend on several factors, such as the working environment, frequency of use, maintenance and storage practices, and load capacity. Generally, wire ropes have a long lifespan and can last many years with proper care and maintenance.

What is the minimum bend radius for the 6xK36 wire rope?

- The minimum bend radius for the 6xK36 wire rope will depend on the diameter of the wire rope. Generally, the smaller the diameter, the smaller the minimum bend radius. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding bending the wire rope to prevent damage or failure.

How should I store the 6xK36 wire rope when not in use?

- To prolong the lifespan of the 6xK36 wire rope, it should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight, and moisture. The wire rope should be stored on a reel or rack to prevent bends, kinks, or tangles that can make it unusable. It is recommended to store the wire rope loosely wound to allow air to circulate and prevent mildew or rust buildup.

Why Choose the SichWirerope Wire Rope Manufacturer?

wire rope manufacturer with high quality

- High Quality Products

Our Sichwirerope manufacturer is experienced in the production of high quality wire ropes, including galvanized, stainless steel and PVC coated versions. With a dedication to quality, we ensure that our products meet international standards and are tested and certified by third-party inspection services.

wire rope factory price - sichwirerope

- Competitive Prices

Our Sichwirerope manufacturer in China offers competitive prices based on the quality of the product and the quantity ordered. We strive to keep our prices competitive while still providing excellent quality, value and customer service.


- Innovative Solutions

As one of the largest wire rope manufacturer in China, we specialize in creating innovative products and customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We are committed to working closely with our customers to create unique products that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Fast Lead Times

- Fast Lead Times

Our wire rope manufacturer in China is committed to offering fast lead times for all orders. We understand that our customers expect prompt and timely delivery of their products, so we strive to ensure that orders are dispatched in a timely manner. We also offer custom-made services for our customers who require custom sizes or specifications.

customer service - sichwirerope

- Excellent Customer Service

Our team of dedicated customer service representatives is always available to assist with inquiries or queries regarding orders. We prioritize customer service and satisfaction, which is why we provide prompt and friendly responses to all enquiries.


marine engineering

Offshore Oil & Gas

Largr diameter cable-laid slings are used for the hoisting of part of an offshore oil platform.

Salvage Engineering

Salvage Operations

Participated in the design & manufacturing of slings for Nanhai No.1 salvage operation.



Supplied CCS certified steel-ferrule-secured slings to Shandong Bohai Ferry Company

ports and container terminals

Ports & Container Terminals

Supplied slings, fittings and anti-typhoon products for Shenzhen Chiwan Container Terminal.

petroleum chemical projects 1

Petroleum Chemical Projects

Supplied slings for the redinery construction project of Nanhai Oil Company.

power plant project

Power Plant Project

Supplied sling products for the Three Gorges projects & the hydropower facilities installation.

Global Contract Suppliers

> SichWirerope manufacturer the wire rope slings have been exported to more than 60 countries and districts such as Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East in the past 40 years.

> We attend the exhibition every year, such as the USA (Houston) International Petroleum Exhibition (OTC), and Guangzhou International Exhibition in China. So, we have signed contracts with various customers from different countries.

Global Contract Suppliers


> The SichWirerope wire rope slings applicable standards: GB, EN, BS, DIN, AS, JIS, ASME, and WSTDA standards.

> We have got a CCS type certificate, DNV type certificate, CE certificate, GS certificate, CNAS national laboratory accreditation

> Supply CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, and other third-party testing services, issue certificates, and have many invention patents.


UKDylan, Importer
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Wire rope slings are a great way to quickly and easily attach equipment for simple tasks. I found many different models from SichWirerope manufacturer, but my favorite was the regular style because it's easy-to use! When selecting what type of sling you want in order make sure that its right fit with your project needs - they have specialists who can help do this too if needed--and they're all very nice people at these factories.
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SICH wire rope manufacturer:
1. Certified quality - provides CCS, DNV, BV verification service
2. Durable and reliable slings - perfect for heavy duty use
3. Fast delivery and easy ordering process
4. Wide range of products to choose from
AustraliaLuke, Distributor
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After doing a lot of research on Alibaba, I found that the quality wire rope sling factories were not up to par. But then one day while browsing through SichWirerope factory's products all their products are inspected and certified. And the verification test certificate of wire rope slings provided along with my order it put me very much at ease!
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SichWirerope factory has been a lifesaver! They offer related products and accessories in addition to their custom steel cable slings, so I no longer need search for other suppliers. This saves me hours every day on paperwork or making phone calls with manufacturers looking haven’t found what we want either way--saving our time as well!