Customized Chain Series from German THIELE

  • Authorized Distributor of the German THIELE in China Since 2014
  • Custom THIELE chains with SichWirerope chain end fitting

Authorized Distributor — THIELE

Authorized Distributor — THIELE

SichWirerope Rigging Factory has been cooperating with the German THIELE since 2014, and gained the exclusive distributor of THIELE in China for the sales of lifting chains. With years of work, we have gained the approval of domestic and foreign markets and achieved a good success. The exquisite technology and excellent quality of these chains are the best guarantee for safe lifting.

Every year, MR Heiko, Sales Director of overseas business from THIELE in Germany, will explain in detail the latest THIELE products and technologies for chain slings, including the history of the THIELE Group, the current situation, the advantages of the products, the development of new products, and how to use the products properly for lifting.

Authorized Distributor — THIELE

Customized Service

In our SichWirerope chain sling manufacturer, there are various types of chain sling accessories, especially hooks: Hoist Hooks, Rigging Hooks, Sling Hooks & Lifting Hooks

Including hoist hooks, sling hooks, self locking hooks, and grab hooks with EN and ASME standards. 

  • Hoist hooks: eye hoist hook, swivel hoist hook
  • Sling hooks: eye sling hook, sliding choker hook, eye foundry hook, clevis sling hook
  • Self locking hooks: eye self locking hook, swivel self locking hook, clevis self locking hook
  • Grab hooks: clevis grab hook, eye grab hook.

You can contact us for THIELE chain slings, and attach our end fitting for your projects. If you are unsure about which end fitting is right for your application, please contact our specialist for assistance.