Height Safety Products & Training Service

  • Self-branded height safety equipment series — COBAIN®
  • Standards: AS, EN, GB

Self-Branded Height Safety — COBAIN®

Height safety products & training service
Our aim is to establish a Height safety product line + Height safety training institutions. We have our own safety brand – COBAIN, the main body is made of high-strength polyester (100% PES), and the accessories are made of high-strength parts.
  • CO: Comfortable and easily accessible;
  • BA: Balancing and weight tolerant;
  • IN: Insurable and total protection.
  • Our Slogan: We put safely in Height Safety!

COBAIN® Height Safety Products Features

COBAIN series are colored with fluorescent yellow and bright blue, perfectly identifiable in dim light and foggy days. Straps are joined by seatbelt buckles or tri-glide buckles which are easy to wear and remove.

  • Five-point safety harness, comprehensive protection.
  • The safety harness is lightweight, with high color fastness and UV resistance.

Why Do I Must Focus On Height Safety?

focus on height safety

With the rising metropolitan skyline over the horizon, height altitude/ aerial works have become daily routines in construction, engineering and part of the cleaning industries. Attracted by more lucrative payments, brave men and women have dedicated themselves into the business, sometimes even by risking their lives with insufficient equipment and/or training, whereas the consequence could be hazardous. This is why SichWirerope is devoted to launch the COBAIN, a self-branded height safety equipment series, to provide safety and security for these braveries and their families.

Our Products were designed to maximize survival rate when hazard happened, web of the harness can diverse the down force to shoulders, around laps and under hip to prevent impacts on the abdomen; while holding the user up straight avoids hyperemia in the brain; buying precious time for rescues.

Read: Safety Harness Wearing Guidelines & Inspection

safety harness wearing guideline

Why Choose the COBAIN® Fall Protection Manufacturer?

Listed Company Brand

China listed company with 40 years of design and production experience, exporting to Europe, America and the Middle East, can be trusted.

ABC Complete Solution

The COBAIN® has a complete product line of ABC(Anchor, Body harness, Connector) to provide the most suitable and efficient combination of solutions.

100% Proof Test

We have advanced drop test frame to carry out drop test & imported seam leakage machine to carry out seam leakage test in order to ensure that all products are qualified.

Appearance & Comfort

Gobian brand series products are mainly in bright blue and fluorescent green in color, which are highly recognizable in the process of safe use.

Timely Delivery

We have our own production lines for weaving, dyeing, sewing, testing, etc. and sufficient stock of high quality hardware accessories, so that we can allocate our production resources effectively and achieve a short production lead time.

Technical Training

The wrong way to use safety harnesses will cause serious consequences, we have an advanced technical team, a professional training center, which can provide instructions and safety training for your workers.

- Fall Protection Application Cases

Energy Engineering - fall protection

Energy Engineering

Power Engineering - fall protection

Power Engineering

Power Engineering - safety harness

Power Engineering

Bridge - fall protection


Construction - fall protection


cleaning - fall protection


- Global Contract Suppliers

> SichWirerope the COBAIN® fall protection equipment is mainly exported to Europe, Australia, the USA, and the Middle East for over 40 years.

> The COBAIN® fall protection equipment is OEM for a brand in Australia and is fully compliant with Australian standards. And also confirm with EN, and GB standards.

> Our brand the COBAIN® attends the exhibition every year and we have signed contracts with various customers from different countries.

- Certification

The manufactory processes of the COBAIN series are all qualified under the ISO9001 Quality Management System, our products were granted safety certification and labor security accreditation. 

COBAIN Certificates 副本 2
COBAIN Certificates 副本

Testing: COBAIN series are tested according to standards listed in regulation document GB6095-2009  and GB/T 6096-2009 , each product would need to pass overall static and dynamic weight loading tests, whereas every component needs to pass their own static and dynamic weight loading tests as well as mechanical performance testing. 

Our products embrace Chinese quality standards, while they are also satisfying for requirements in Australia (AS/NES1891.1-2007) and Europe (EN361-2002).

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Timely delivery

As a leading manufacturer in China, for height safety products, we have our own production lines for weaving, dyeing, sewing, testing, etc. We have sufficient stock of high-quality hardware accessories and can allocate production resources effectively to achieve a quick delivery time.

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Training Service

Incorrect use of safety harnesses can cause serious problems. As 40 years experienced fall protection manufacturer, we have an advanced technical team and a professional training center, we can provide instructions and product-related safety training for your staff.