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SichWireRope has been a leading manufacturer of chain binders in China for over 40 years. With no middleman and high-quality products, we are committed to providing you with all your needs. We offer both ratchet load binders and lever load ones with GB standards, as well custom orders to suit your needs!

JF Brand ratchet load binder - chain binder
Ratchet Load Binders
lever load binder - chain binder
Lever Load Binders

>> Ratchet Load Binders

JF Brand ratchet load binder - chain binder

Fabrication time: 1-3 days

Looking for a professional ratchet load binder supplier? SichWirerope the JF Brand ratchet chain binders forced bearing component is forged made. And it’s easy for operating to use a clutch ratchet. As a chain binder manufacturer, we provide you with low-price but high-quality personal fall limiters.

If you have any questions about these chain binders, feel free to contact our team at any time.

>> Lever Load Binders

lever load binder - chain binder

Fabrication time: 1-3 days

As a chain binder manufacturer, SichWirerope is a truthful China lever load binder supplier. The JF Brand lever load binders pivot is designed to resist strong load and objects can be bound or relaxed by a single teitch. They ensure that the load is secure and will not shift during transit.

If you have any questions about this lever load binder, feel free to contact our team at any time.

What Is a Chain Binder?

A chain binder is a device used to secure a load by binding it with a chain. It consists of two parts: a ratchet and a chain. The ratchet is used to tighten the chain around the load, while the chain provides the strength to hold the load in place.

The JF Brand chain binders are strong and durable and can be used to tie down even the heaviest loads. chain binders are typically easy to use, and are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to suit any need.

What Are the Different Types of Chain Binders?

There are 2 main types of chain binders in the SichWirerope chain binder manufacturer: ratchet chain binders, and lever chain binders. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

Ratchet chain binders are the most common type. They’re easy to use and can be tightened or loosened quickly. However, they can be difficult to loosen if the load is big or the chain is tight.

Lever chain binders are the simplest type of chain binder. They’re easy to use and can be tightened or loosened quickly, but they’re not as strong as other types and can only be used on lighter loads.

What Are Ratchet Load Binders?

Ratchet load binders are devices that are used to secure loads on trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. They work by ratcheting closed around the load, which tightens the binding and prevents the load from shifting during transit. Ratchet load binders are an essential tool for anyone who needs to transport heavy loads.

How Do You Use a Ratchet Load Binder?

Ratchet load binder is a tool used to secure a load. It consists of a ratchet mechanism and two short lengths of chain. To use, simply thread the ratchet load binder through the chains and ratchet it tight. They are great for securing loads that are not too heavy, as they can be easily ratcheted down tight.

Ratchet load binders are also relatively easy to release, so you can quickly and easily unload your ratchet load binder when you need to. They are a great tool for securing loads, and they’re easy to use. Simply ratchet them down tight, and you’re all set. When you need to release the ratchet load binder, simply ratchet it back up, and you’re good to go.

The JF Brand ratchet load binders are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking to secure a load or just want an easy way to release it, ratchet load binders are a great option.

What Is a Lever Load Binder?

A lever load binder is a device used to secure loads on trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. It consists of a lever and a ratchet mechanism that work together to tighten or loosen the binders as needed. They are an important part of many industries, including transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

The JF Brand lever load binders are an essential part of any operation that involves securing loads on vehicles. If you have a need to secure loads on trucks, trailers, or other vehicles, it is a perfect solution. With their easy operation and high level of security, lever load binders are the ideal choice for all your load-binding needs.

How Do You Use a Lever Load Binder?

To use a lever load binder, first, attach the chain to the desired anchor point on the vehicle. Then pull the lever up to tension the chain. Once the chain is tight, use the ratchet to lock the lever in place. To release the load, simply unlock the ratchet and lower the lever.

The JF Brand lever load binders are an essential piece of equipment for any truck or trailer and are easy to use once your know-how. With a little practice, you’ll be able to secure loads quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose the JF Brand Chain Binder Manufacturer?

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SichWirerope is a rigging brand and industrial service provider for industrial lifting and material handling for over 40 years in China. And we have an R&D team that ensures we continue to stay on top of the market.

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As a lifting device manufacturer, we provide our high-quality products for Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Construction, Port Terminal, Energy, and Shipbuilding fields.


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We support OEM and ODM for our customers, as a professional lifting and hoisting solution service company, you can get expert advice and assistance from our experts. And, we also can customize your needs for your projects.

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From product design, quality management, inventory preparation, on-time delivery, qualification certificate, after-sales service, etc., we provide customers with the most professional guarantees and achieve the most concise purchasing experience.

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> SichWirerope manufacturer the JF Brand lifting devices have been exported to more than 60 countries and districts such as Europe, Australia, South America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East in the past 40 years.

> Our brand the JF Brand attends the exhibition every year, such as the USA (Houston) International Petroleum Exhibition (OTC), and Guangzhou International Exhibition in China. So, we have signed contracts with various customers from different countries.

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> The JF Brand lifting devices approved by the ISO9001, GB/T24001, ISO14001, ISO45001, etc. 

> We have got a CCS type certificate, DNV type certificate, CE certificate, GS certificate, CNAS national laboratory accreditation

> and can supply CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, and other third-party testing services, issue certificates, and have many invention patents.

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UKDylan, Importer
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We are a trading company that deals with many suppliers on the B2B marketplace. It's hard to find right products for our customers, but SichWirerope had offered us high-quality goods and helped increase revenue in past years. We have been using their services since they opened up shop because there is no one else around here who can provide what we need at such great prices!
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I found SichWirerope from their website. After confirming the customizable needs about the lifting devices, they replied they can do modification as I request. I flew to China and met them, they were very patient to explain all different models and professional suggestion based on my idea, finally, I chose them to be my reliable suppliers to help me extend my business in lifting solution field.
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When I first started working with SICHWIREROPE, they were one of the most professional companies that i had come across in recent years. They always seemed to have their customers' best interests at heart and went out of there way not only provide me great customer service but product quality as well!
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I have had many contacts and cooperated with them. But from the lifting device filed, they've given me a lot of professional supports especially in model choice which helped improve my local market so much! They are really very trustful partner who always answer all questions quickly without being too pushy or overbearing.