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We can ship all over the world from our wire rope manufacturer in China, which has the most complete range of Wire Ropes, Lifting Slings, and Rigging Hardware.

Sourcing Ideal Wire Ropes & Lifting Slings from Sichwirerope Manufacturer

Lifting sling is an essential component of these industries and our wire rope products provide the durability and strength they require to complete their projects.

SichWirerope CUSTOMERS

SichWirerope Manufacturer Based in China

40 Years of Experience

SichWirerope is a China-listed company with 40 years of design and production experience, as well as the authorized distributor of the German THIELE.

1600+ Team Members

We have more than 1600+ team members, and over 200 professional and technical personnel with powerful R&D, innovation, design, and manufacturing capabilities.

500+ Happy Clients

More than 500 large and small projects are completed. It is an attempt to work with effort and passion. Include Offshore Oil, Salvage Operations, Shipyards etc.

Wire rope manufacturer

Sich Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading wire rope & wire rope sling manufacturer and listed company based in Suzhou, China since 1982. SichWirerope offers wire rope slings, chain & chain slings, rigging hardware, synthetic slings & lashing, lifting devices, and fall protection equipment

Serve industries like Offshore Oil & Gas, Salvage Operations, Shipyards, Ports & Container Terminals, Petroleum Chemical Projects, Power Plant projects, Infrastructure Construction, etc.

Our products are confirmed to the GB, EN, BS, DIN, AS, JIS, ASME, and WSTDA standards, and approved by the CE/GS, and CCS certifications. We also have the DNV type approval, and the third-party testing with ABS, and BV.

All Products in SichWirerope Manufacturer

  • Elevator wire rope
  • Crane wire rope
  • Spliced wire rope sling
  • Large diameter cable sling
  • Grommet cable sling
  • Bridle sling
  • Socket sling
  • Braided sling
  • Sling sleeves
  • Turnbuckle hardware
  • Offshore container wire rope sling
  • Grade 80 Chain sling
  • Grade 100 Chain sling
  • Grade 80 chain
  • Grade 100 chain
  • THIELE chain
  • Chain accessories
  • Shackles
  • Hooks
  • Links & Rings
  • Swivels
  • Sockets
  • Thimbles
  • Clamps
  • Lifting points
  • Webbing slings
  • Round slings
  • Ratchet straps & Tie downs
  • Tow dolly straps
  • Winch straps
  • Accessories
  • Lifting & Spreader beams
  • Lifting clamp
  • Chain binder
  • Chain hoist
  • Body harness
  • Fall Protection Lifeline
  • Lanyard & Retractable

Featured Wire Rope & Lifting Sling & Rigging Hardware

6×36 steel wire rope
6×36 Wire Rope
6×37 steel wire rope
6×37 Wire Rope
35W×7 steel wire rope
35W×7 Wire Rope
8×k36 steel wire rope
8×K36 Wire Rope
soft eye wire rope sling with sleeve
Spliced Wire Rope Sling
double soft loop wire rope sling
Soft Loop Wire Rope Sling
wholesale thimble wire rope sling
Thimble Wire Rope Sling
grommet cable sling supplier
Cable Laid Grommet Sling
bridle wire rope sling
Wire Rope Bridle Sling
chain bridle sling
Muti-leg Bridle Sling
chain sling
Lifting Chain Sling
shackle rigging hardware
Lifting & Rigging Shackles
turnbuckle - sichwirerope
Turnbuckle Hardware
wholesale sling sleeves S 505
Wire rope Sleeve
Lifting Beam & Spreader Bar Manufacturer
Lifting Beam & Spreader Bar
Ratchet tie downs
Ratchet Tie Downs
wire rope sling application

- Industries That We Serve

As one of the best lifting sling and rigging manufacturers in China, SichWerope has been serving various market sectors where sling and rigging hardware plays an integral role. These industries require high-quality wire rope slings and rigging, which in turn enhances the safety of their projects.

  • Offshore Oil & Gas Industry
  • Salvage Operations Industry
  • Mariculture Industry
  • Shipyards Industry
  • Ports & Container Terminals Industry
  • Petroleum Chemical Projects Industry
  • Power Plant projects Industry
  • Infrastructure Construction Industry

- Customized Service That We Provide

We have a very strong Engineering team and R&D team which over 200 professional and technical personnel who have specialized in Lifting & Rigging products for over 40 years, they have innovation, design, and manufacturing capabilities.

Our team will work with you from the start to fully understand your needs and expectations. They may also recommend helpful design ideas and suggest manufacturing options. We accommodate all orders, large and small, and we are confident to make wonderful designs for our OEM/ODM customers.

OEM wire rope slings
wire rope sling testing

- Quality Assurance Tests That We Employ

We know that part of being globally competitive is providing continuous quality control and supervision. Our supervisors and engineers are always on the lookout for minor glitches so that our level of quality is maintained from start to finish. Our on-site plant is equipped with testing machines that will ensure that each wire rope and rigging we release is the best it can be.

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Hardness Test
  • Sling and Hoisting Tool Test
SichWirerope manufacturer services
R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, and Services in one

A Streamlined Supply Chain: All-Round Services

- Lifting & Hoisting Service

Professional lifting solution service company, Industrial lifting, and material handling rigging supplier.

- Height Safety Products & Training Service

Our aim is to establish a Height safety product line + Height safety training institutions.

- Third-party Testing Service: RAIPEM

Third-party testing service institution – CMA, CNAS, CCS, DNV, ABS, BV. Provide Quality Service to Customers.

- Customized Chain Series from German THIELE

We are the authorized distributor of the German THIELE in China Since 2014.

- Teamwork & Technology Service

Innovation, design, and manufacturing capabilities, OEM & ODM available.

- After-Sales Service

Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product. Any assistance you need – wherever, whenever.

Our Mission

At SichWerope, our mission is to be globally competitive in high markets. Our goal is to be the global supplier of choice for industrial wire rope slings, especially for slings and rigging in critical industries. We can achieve this goal through intensive research and development. We know that this effort is an ongoing process. In the meantime, by innovating, we can supply our customers with better products. We are employing modern technology to help our technicians and employees to further improve our customer service. Furthermore, our goal is to provide top-notch value by focusing on the safety and quality assurance of our products.


With over 40 years of industrial lifting slings & rigging manufacturing experience, SichWirerope is confirmed to carry the GB, EN, ASME, BS, DIN, AS, JIS, and WSTDA standards, and approved by the CE/GS, and CCS certifications. We also have the DNV type approval, and the third-party testing with ABS, and BV.

We guarantee that all our products have passed the quality control and stringent regulations imposed not only by our company but also by international organizations. Our certifications assure that our product line is top-grade by industry standards.

the JF Brand certificates
Cooperative Partners


SichWirerope is well-known for custom lifting slings and rigging hardware. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest and most highly reliable SichWirerope wire rope slings and rigging, which are known as a strong competitor and alternative to the big brands in the States and Europe.

Our team of experts consists of highly skilled technicians and engineers who have undergone various training and hold several certifications that add to the quality of work our company offers. We believe that with our high-value workers, all of whom have different skills and talents, we can achieve whatever our customers ask of us. We work to adapt to our customer’s needs by having our research and development teams work with them. Through product innovation and research and development, our brand has advanced to become the leading manufacturer of lifting slings and rigging hardware in China, serving customers worldwide.


Why Choosing Us

The reason why choose SichWirerope as your reliable lifting slings & rigging manufacturer.

wire rope sling supplier
Sichwirerope wire rope sling
SichWirerope cable laid sling
flemish eye wire rope sling
grommet cable laid sling manufacturer
thimble wire rope sling supplier
spliced wire rope sling manufacturer
wholesale wire rope sling sleeves
lifting sling manufacturer
web sling manufacturer
SichWirerope synthetic sling manufacturer
Sichwirerope tie downs
8k36 steel wire rope shipping
8k36 steel wire rope shipping2
8k36 steel wire rope shipping3
8k36 steel wire rope shipping



We are a trading and manufacturer company. 

  • Access to a broader range of goods and services: You have access to a broader range of products, services, and solutions than with a single-field manufacturer. This means you can benefit from a one-stop shop experience, saving time and resources when sourcing goods and services from our company.
  • Improved cost savings: You can benefit from superior cost savings due to our more diverse capabilities.
  • Quicker delivery times: You can enjoy shorter delivery times from our company.
  • Improved design and engineering capabilities: You can get better design and engineering capabilities from our company than ingle-field counterparts.
  • Improved customer service: You will enjoy improved customer service when dealing with us.

Please come and see us here!

We manufacture a wide range of wire ropes and lifting rigging, including steel wire rope, wire rope slings, chain slings, rigging hardware, web slings, and lifting devices. If you need, pls feel free to contact us.

You can place an order by contacting our sales team directly:

If you want to customize, prepare the drawing of the products and send to us. You can also order the products from our e-catalog.  Then we will provide you with a quotation and further details for your order.

Of course, yes! By buying wire ropes and lifting slings from China, you can benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery, as well as cost-effective solutions.

For our high-quality regular wire ropes and lifting slings, they come with a warranty of up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

For customized slings, it depends on the frequency of your use and maintenance.

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders and for repeat customers.

You can place an order via contact us, and we will quote your order for you.

Delivery times vary depending on the complexity and the quantity of the order:

Foe small and available in stock, we usually deliver within 3-7 days.

For customized products, we make every effort to process your order as quickly as possible, but please, remember that each product is a custom order. Many factors may disturb or prolong the technological process (for example, a malfunction). Therefore, in special cases, the lead time may be extended. We will inform you about possible problems as soon as possible.

Yes, we provide technical support for all our wire ropes, lifting slings, and rigging hardware.

And technical specifications, certificates of quality conformity, material certificates, test reports, and even third-party test certificates (if you need them), will be sent with the shipment.

Our team is available to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

For regular products(means In-stock):
Yes, you can return the regular wire ropes and lifting slings purchased from our manufacturer within 10 days, provided that they are in their original condition and have not been used. Please contact us to arrange the return.

For custom products:
No, we are not able to accept returns of our custom wire ropes and lifting slings as they are specifically made to meet your order’s requirements.

We hope to negotiate as much as possible to give the most satisfactory result for you.

We offer both EXW and FOB delivery terms, as well as CFR, and CIF.

We accept payment via T/T, XTranfer, and Western Union.

We will inspect your product to ensure it meets required specifications, and take detailed photographs and videos documenting compliance for you before shipping.

Or you can assign an independent third-party quality control partner to conduct inspections at the factory site.

What Our Clients Say

We are working around the clock in our manufacturing factory to provide our customers with a wide range of lifting slings and rigging hardware that can be customized to meet your preferences. We are proud of our ability to meet production deadlines and provide our customers with the products they need through an efficient production chain. Our technicians are experts in their fields and are committed to delivering products within the specified delivery dates. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and our goal is to deliver products according to the specifications provided by our customers. Our employees understand that time is important. When we commit to a certain time framework, please be assured that this will be achieved.

Dieter, Germany

I found SichWirerope from their website. After confirming the customizable needs about the slings and rigging, they replied they can do modification as I request. I flew to China and met them, they were very patient to explain all different models and professional suggestion based on my idea, finally, I chose them to be my reliable suppliers to help me extend my business.

Dylan, UK

We are a trading company that deals with many suppliers on the B2B marketplace. It’s hard to find right products for our customers, but SichWirerope had offered us high-quality goods and helped increase revenue in past years. We have been using their services since they opened up shop because there is no one else around here who can provide what we need at such great prices!

Luke, Australia

I have had many contacts and cooperated with them. But from the lifting sling & rigging field, they’ve given me a lot of professional support, especially in model choice with high standards which helped improve my local market so much! They are really very trustful partners who always answers all questions quickly without being too pushy or overbearing.

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As a China leading manufacturer and listed company, we will supply you with high-quality products fast, and OEM/ODM!

  • Wire Ropes
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Chains & Chain Lifting Slings
  • Rigging Hardware & Fitting
  • Synthetic Slings & Lashing
  • Lifting Devices
  • Fall Protection Equipment

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