| Safety Harness Wearing Guidelines & Inspection

The COBAIN® fall protection safety harness is a critical piece of equipment for anyone working at heights. Wearing a harness correctly can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a fall. We must not only wear the safety harness correctly according to the below guidelines but also carry out regular maintenance of the safety harness in order to ensure the safety of workers. There are 3 parts of safety harness wearing guidelines & inspection:

>> How to Wear Safety Harness Correctly?

safety harness wearing guideline
  1. Hold the back D-ring in your hand, lift the harness, and lightly shake the harness to separate the straps. Make sure the leg straps are not knotted. Ensure that all straps are completely unfastened and check the components, webbing, stitches, and buckles before use. Check the label to make sure the validity period is not exceeded.
  2. Hold the safety harness with your hands so that the D-ring is away from your face, put your hands through both shoulder straps and keep the harness open.
  3. Flip the harness over, insert your elbow into the shoulder strap loop, and put your arm through this loop; release the shoulder strap, put your other arm through the other shoulder strap loop and let the harness fall over your shoulder, making sure there is no twist in the shoulder strap.
  4. Fasten all lacing before adjusting; place the chest strap in the proper position and fasten the chest buckle.
  5. Place the leg straps in the proper position and fasten the buckle on the left leg and the right leg. Ensure that the straps are not twisted and that the free end of the straps is on the outside, away from the body. Holding the buckle in your hand, tighten the strap to make your body feel comfortable and slide the elastic band along the leg strap to secure the end of the strap.
  6. Connect the cushioned strap and attach the safety harness D-ring by the fitting at one end of the cushioned strap.
  7. Adjust the straps: first, adjust the shoulder straps to ensure the D-ring is in the center of the back, then adjust the length of the chest and leg straps through the buckles, not too loose or too tight, but feel comfortable. Slip the strap elastic band to fix the strap in the right position, the free end of the strap should not be left too long.
  8. Adjustments and fasteners must be checked on a regular basis before and during use.

>> Safety Harness Inspection & Maintenance

#1 What are proof tests required for safety harnesses?

Before the COBAIN® fall protection safety harnesses are shipped, they must be tested to ensure that they will provide the necessary fall protection for workers. This testing is essential to ensure the safety of workers who may be using the fall protection safety harnesses. By testing the fall protection safety harnesses, we can be sure that they will provide the fall protection that workers need in order to stay safe on the job.

* Safety Harness Drop Test

Our fall protection factory has a fall test frame, which can test the COBAIN® fall of safety harness and cushion strap products timely. We improve the process of the products through the feedback data of the fall test so that each product can meet the national standard 100%.

safety harness wearing guideline - fall protection Drop test

Drop test requirements:

The peak impact force ≤ 6KN

The phenomenon that should not occur when the drop test is over:

  • It should not occur that the webbing tears, open lines, broken metal accessories, connectors open
  • Simulator off, cushion broken
  • After the fall stops, the safety harness should not occur obvious asymmetry
  • Should not appear simulator head down and other situations

* Leaky Seam Test

Leaky Seam Test - safety harness wearing guideline

Our factory has professional leaky seam testing equipment to test each set of products for leaky seams, and ensure that the sewing points are sewn by turning to ensure the safety and reliability of the shipped products.

* Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test- safety harness wearing guideline

The professional salt spray test machine conducts a 48-hour salt spray test on the accessories to ensure the corrosion resistance of the accessories.

#2 Inspection & Maintenance

  1. Safety harnesses should be specifically managed by a person in charge
  2. Safety harness only for personal protection, shall not be used for fixing, tying goods and other applications
  3. Safety harness should be kept in a dry, ventilated place, not exposed to high temperature, open fire, strong acid/alkali, and sharp hard objects, also not exposed to the sun for a long time, after using, if the safety harness contact with corrosive materials, should be cleaned, checked and then stored
  4. Check each part before each use to ensure safety
  5. Disassemble each part after use, clean and wipe the place polluted by dust, oil, etc.

>> Why Choose COBAIN® Fall Protection Equipment?

There are many fall protection safety harness manufacturers out there, so why choose our COBAIN®?

  • Well, first and foremost, our COBAIN® fall protection safety harnesses are of the highest quality and meet all industry standards. We only use the best materials to ensure that your employees are safe while working at heights.
  • Secondly, our COBAIN® fall protection safety harnesses are comfortable to wear, so your employees can focus on their work and not on their uncomfortable clothing. We know that when it comes to safety, comfort is key.
  • Lastly, our COBAIN® fall protection safety harnesses are competitively priced, so you can get the best value for your money. We want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible product for your needs without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re looking for the best fall protection safety harness manufacturer, we’ll provide you with the highest quality products and the best customer service in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our fall protection safety harnesses and how we can help keep your employees safe.

Why Choose the COBAIN® Fall Protection Manufacturer?

Listed Company Brand

China listed company with 40 years of design and production experience, exporting to Europe, America and the Middle East, can be trusted.

ABC Complete Solution

The COBAIN® has a complete product line of ABC(Anchor, Body harness, Connector) to provide the most suitable and efficient combination of solutions.

100% Proof Test

We have advanced drop test frame to carry out drop test & imported seam leakage machine to carry out seam leakage test in order to ensure that all products are qualified.

Appearance & Comfort

Gobian brand series products are mainly in bright blue and fluorescent green in color, which are highly recognizable in the process of safe use.

Timely Delivery

We have our own production lines for weaving, dyeing, sewing, testing, etc. and sufficient stock of high quality hardware accessories, so that we can allocate our production resources effectively and achieve a short production lead time.

Technical Training

The wrong way to use safety harnesses will cause serious consequences, we have an advanced technical team, a professional training center, which can provide instructions and safety training for your workers.

Global Contract Suppliers

> SichWirerope the COBAIN® fall protection equipment is mainly exported to Europe, Australia, the USA, and the Middle East for over 40 years.

> The COBAIN® fall protection equipment is OEM for a brand in Australia and is fully compliant with Australian standards. And also confirm with EN, and GB standards.

> Our brand the COBAIN® attends the exhibition every year and we have signed contracts with various customers from different countries.

The COBAIN Fall Protection Exhibitions


ISO9001: The manufacturing process of the COBAIN® series is all under ISO9001 quality system management, and the products have been approved by the Safety License and Labor Safety Certification.

GB 6095-2009 & GB/T 6096-2009: According to the regulations, each group of safety harnesses is tested for overall static load, overall dynamic load test, a static load test of parts, a dynamic load test of parts, and mechanical performance test of parts.

AS/NZS 1891.1-2007 & EN361-2002: The COBAIN® products also conform to the strictest Australian and European standards.

COBAIN fall protection Certificates


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