Lifting & Hoisting Solutions - Oman Duqm Refinery Project

Oman Duqm Refinery Project

The Dukum refinery project is located in Dukum Special Economic Zone, Oman, which is the foreign market where CEC actively implements the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and focuses on expanding.

After receiving the order for this project, we attached great importance to the project and organized special technical meetings to discuss the project many times, and finally decided on the solution.

What We Do:

As a rigging manufacturer, we provided:

  • 800 tons*23 meters lifting beam and shackle-connected load-bearing lifting beam (maximum load up to 1000 tons, sectional design, length can be adjusted according to actual use)
  • 400 tons * 12 meters shackle-connected load-bearing balance beam (maximum load up to 500 tons, segmental design, adjustable length according to actual use) 
  • with one 1250T wide body shackle, one 900T wide body shackle, four 600T wide body shackles and four 300T wide body shackles.
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Products Testing:

The product testing was carried out by our third-party testing service institution – RAIPEM Testing Co. It simulates the actual lifting working condition of the lifting beam and conducts the lifting beam tension test to verify the load strength of the lifting beam and the safety and reliability of the lifting beam to ensure that the lifting requirements are met.

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