CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation) LD10-1 Oilfield, the Bohai Sea

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CNOOC(China National Offshore Oil Corporation) LD10-1 oilfield, the Bohai Sea


October 2010


JF Brand endless wire rope slings: 156mm, 4pcs & JF Brand wide body shackles: 500T, 4pcs


Lift and install the upper component of the oil platform, which weighs 1,080 tons.


  • The component is heavy, which requires a very high load capacity on the wire rope sling.
  • Strong requirement on precise balance when lifting.
  • The upper surface of the component is complexly structured.


  • The high load capacity of the large diameter slings easily matched the required lifting capacity.
  • Low rigidity of the slings allowed easy handling; low elongation of the slings allow the component structure to be kept in balance when being lifted.
  • Wide body shackles allow easy connections to the structure.